Data is the new oil of the 21st century

And Par8o provides the perfect solution for your business to maximise emerging opportunities.

The devil still remains in the detail

The modern world is now overloaded with data.
Typically, this volume of data is too complex for humans to process effectively.
Vital actionable business insights are getting lost amongst a sea of trivial data points.

Enter Par8o.

Par8o can quickly transform this trivial many, into the vital few.
This enables faster and more accurate decision making for businesses that require locational advantage.
And exactly which types of businesses require locational advantage?
Any business that wants to thrive in the modern world, because everything happens somewhere and for some reason.

Par8o in Greater Detail

Visualising today for tomorrow’s success

Simplistically, Par8o is a fast, intelligent, highly visual, and useable digital map solution. Technically, it is a GeoAI solution.

The business opportunities derived from GeoAI are somewhat endless, but as an example, Par8o can assist with the following:   

  • Identifying business critical insights from complex data sets at speed
  • Maximizing opportunities where supply and demand imbalances exist
  • Guiding dynamic pricing strategies
  • Improving marketing ROI through targeted customer identification
  • Generating areas of competitive advantage over other market participants
  • Risk mitigation strategies
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